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Goodreads: The Good And The Bad

I’ve been a stubborn user of LibraryThing for a number of years and have been resisting the move to Goodreads. I liked the cataloging options at LibraryThing. But I realized that the people, including other YA librarians, were on Goodreads. … Continue reading

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Making STEM Programs Work In The Library

STEM is certainly the new buzzword in library programming for children. That means a rush to create and promote STEM programming. The problem is that STEM is an educational initiative and most of the available literature is geared towards classroom … Continue reading

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Yet Another Digital Commitment!

Back in January, my New Year’s reflection looked back at how much my online activities had grown over the last year. Since then I’ve added a couple of other digital commitments. Most recently, as part of my course in Digital … Continue reading

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Buying things in a digital age

Remember when paying money for something meant that you then owned it? Some things still work that way, physical things like clothes, dishes and towels. What about that last computer game you bought? Surely you own that, right. Wrong! You … Continue reading

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