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Teen Scavenger Hunts

Somehow in the less than a year I’ve been the Teen Librarian at the JMRL Central Library I have become the resident Scavenger Hunt Expert. It certainly was never one of my professional goals. But scavenger hunts are fun ways … Continue reading

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Measuring Success

The last 5 months have been nothing if not challenging! Looking back, I almost feel the same emotion I felt after completing the hiking trail in this picture – amazement that I’ve succeeded as well as I have. There have … Continue reading

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Where Are We Going, And How Will We Know When We Get There?

As I’ve started my new job, one of my first major tasks was planning programs for the Fall. Programs are a large part of what we do. But I think sometimes we get into a rut. Or we have ideas … Continue reading

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Simply STEM – A New Wiki For Library Programming

Many people think that the purpose of STEM education and programming is to get kids to grow up to be engineers or scientists. But the authors of STEM Lesson Essentials: Integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics describe the goal of … Continue reading


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