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Barriers to Government Services

For most people who are comfortable using a computer, the shift to accessing government services online can actually be a convenience. You can update your resume on USAjobs or change your address on your driver’s license at 10 pm in … Continue reading

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Digital Inequality Is Still Alive And Well

I recently saw a comment that the Digital Divide is not just about hardware or physical access to the Internet. I found myself wholeheartedly agreeing with that statement. Those of us on the front line, dealing with patrons and computers … Continue reading

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There Is Always A Learning Curve

Okay, maybe if you do a project like setting up a wiki often enough that isn’t entirely true. But in my experience, since each project is different, you will encounter something new that makes you feel like a beginner all … Continue reading

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Literacy – More Important Than Ever

Because Literacy In All Its Forms Is More Important Than Ever Since I started this blog, I have often struggled to find a clear focus. As my professional experience grew and changed, my perspective and interests also changed. As I … Continue reading

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Putting a Site to the Test

Part 3 of my series on Digital Literacy Now, let’s apply the principles of website evaluation that I discussed last time: C-Currency, R-Relevance, A-Authority, A-Accuracy, P-Purpose. Suppose you are doing research on nanotechnology in medicine and find the website for … Continue reading

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