There Is Always A Learning Curve

SimplySTEM wiki bannerOkay, maybe if you do a project like setting up a wiki often enough that isn’t entirely true. But in my experience, since each project is different, you will encounter something new that makes you feel like a beginner all over again. This morning, I hit that point with the new wiki I created for sharing S.T.E.M. program ideas.

I’ve created several wikis on different platforms, some for MLIS classes, one for the Brussels Army Library, and one for Girl Scouts in Europe. Granted, they’ve all been on different platforms, but there have been a lot of similarities. When creating this wiki, I chose the platform I liked the best of those I have used, wikispaces. I like the polished appearance and ease of use. But this wiki is very different from those I’ve done previously, and wikispaces proved to have a significant drawback – storage space.

My previous wikis involved very few files and just a few pictures. But this wiki is file heavy. The core of the information is lesson plans created by students in the S.T.E.M. programming course I took this spring. I’ve been converting the documents into PDFs and uploading them to the wiki site. As I tried to upload a file on the Preschool Programs page, it wouldn’t take. No message as to what happened, just the site going through the motions of uploading but the file didn’t appear on the list. What?!? As far as I can figure out, I’ve hit the storage limit for a free account. It turns out that the limit is pretty small, just half a gigabyte.

I really don’t want to start the entire process over, especially since I’ve already shared the site address with people. So I need to store the files somewhere else and just link to them from the wiki. It’s not really any more work, other than having to redo the links for files I’ve already uploaded. Google Drive has 15 gigabytes of storage for free, so I think that is the way to go. Since I want the wiki to be completely public, I don’t want to tie the files to my email accounts. That way if I want to give someone else access to the file storage, I’m not also giving them access to my email.

So, I’m trying not to view this as a set back, but a positive. In addition to creating what I think is a pretty cool resource, I’ve learned something more about wiki creation. And learning new things is always good!


About booksnquilts

I'm the Children's Services Coordinator for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in Central Virginia.
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