New Year’s Resolutions For A New Librarian

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It has now been a month since I finished my MLIS. I’ve spent some time just enjoying a break and also spent a couple of hectic weeks over the holidays covering for people on vacation. While I thoroughly enjoyed having some leisure time, I know I need to get busy again or I will become bored and frustrated. I’ve been giving a lot of thought to how to be a librarian while I’m still in a very part time paraprofessional position. I’ve decided I can not just sit back and wait for something to open up. I need to make some opportunities for myself, keep my skills fresh and learn new skills. Hence, my New Year’s Resolutions are focused on non-traditional applications of my MLIS degree.

1. Create Information Literacy Instruction Modules and Resources.
This resolution grew out a discussion with my husband. He works with intelligence analysis for the Department of Defense and was bemoaning the inability of many people to evaluate sources of information, a key skill in analyzing the information. He wants to set up a brown bag learning session to help correct that. So I am going to work with him to create the course. I’ve always had a strong interest in information literacy, so it makes sense to build upon that. To that end, I will be making weekly blog posts about information literacy skills complete with Screen capture (Jing!) videos where appropriate.

2. Brainstorm and Explore Ways to Use Technology Effectively.
What does that mean? For a start, more attention to my blogging. But also setting aside time to follow tech blogs and try out new tech tools, then writing about how best to use them as an information professional.

3. Write More Book Reviews
I need to schedule myself and my reading so that I write more reviews, more regularly. My, probably ambitious, goal is to alternate my “fun” books with books to review. I also need to not be afraid to post mini-reviews. I just need to make writing a habit.

4. Learn Web Site Development
I’ve mentioned this before. Again, I need to schedule myself and make it happen.

5. Regularly Perform Digital Reference Work
Working with the Internet Public Library and participating in the Answer Board Librarians project will help hone my Reference Skills improving my in-person service as well.

That doesn’t look like a lot of resolutions. But they all reflect my determination to explore what being a librarian means in this Digital Age. I can’t limit myself to the traditional, public librarianship that I envisioned when I started my degree. Knowing what I know now, I think that I’d probably become bored and frustrated if I did limit myself that way.


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I'm the Children's Services Coordinator for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in Central Virginia.
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