An investment in our future

We keep hearing how important it is for our children to be prepared to function in the high-tech, digital information age. But in our rush to limit government spending, we keep cutting the very programs that do the most to prepare them. The first step is basic literacy – being comfortable reading. But literacy programs and libraries, including school libraries, are on the chopping block around the country. Access to books in the home and in school libraries is key to literacy. Here’s a chance for you to do something to improve a child’s life and help them be more prepared for a productive future.

Random House Children’s Books have made a very generous offer. For each new follower of First Book on Tumblr, Facebook and Twitter, Random House will donate a book that will go to schools and programs serving children in low-income families. I wish I had found this out sooner so I could have done more to spread the word. Please visit First Book’s blog to learn more and help get books into the hands of children.


About booksnquilts

I'm the Children's Services Coordinator for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in Central Virginia.
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