Yet Another Digital Commitment!

photo by Håkan Dahlström on Flickr

Back in January, my New Year’s reflection looked back at how much my online activities had grown over the last year. Since then I’ve added a couple of other digital commitments. Most recently, as part of my course in Digital Reference, I became part of the newsletter team for the Internet Public Library’s blog : ipl2 – news and information, which happens to be another wordpress site. For the next three months I will be helping to collect resources for and to write the newsletters that appear on the first of each month. I will also be creating the blog post that will appear on May 11, 2011. I’m really excited by this opportunity to take the experience I’ve gained with my personal blogs and apply it to make a difference for a major organization!

My other newest digital venue is the Central Rappahannock Regional Library’s Shelf Life book review blog. Some of the reviews I’ve already published on Writing ‘Bout Reading have been, or will be, reprinted there. I’m also writing more reviews specifically for Shelf Life, though those reviews will be reposted on my blog as well.

Add to that starting a new job with as a Youth Services Reference Sub for the Central Rappahannock Regional Library, with all of the training that entails, and I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed right now. I expect my posting may become even more sporadic and probably shorter. Still, it really is great to be contributing to these other sites. Sometimes it feels like I’m writing for myself on these personal blogs. So it is nice to be contributing in the “real world.”


About booksnquilts

I'm the Children's Services Coordinator for the Jefferson-Madison Regional Library in Central Virginia.
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